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Opportune Solutions has released this all-new website. Those of you who visited the old site will notice that the logo has changed. Officially, the Opportune Solutions logo is still the old version which is only 3 colors and 2D. The new logo, although now only based two colors is actually made up of many colors to properly highlight, shade and create the reflection.



Old Logo with 3 colors


New 3-D Logo with many colors



I have always read and assumed that a logo should only be 2 or three colors, but I don’t think that is the case with today’s media. There are certainly some things where only 2 colors are important, like an embroidered company logo on a sweat shirt. There aren’t many though and having a logo that is more appealing and eye catching probably outweighs any benefits of having fewer colors.

In the not too distant future, Opportune Solutions may officially switch to the new one. I may make a two color version for when it is needed, but I bet it will just gather dust if that is possible in the digital age.

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In my opinion, ITIL V3 (taught thorugh training providers) does not do justice to the excellent body of work as it stands at the moment. This may be to do with two main things:1. The sheer volume of material now being delivered2. The Mindset required to appreciate the lifecycle approach which could be affected by personal perceptions or job roleThis is particularly relevant from the lifecycle and managing across the lifecycle streams. It may perhaps be better geared up to integration with academic courses; this could be its real future.The capability route has lots of practical advice on how to organise and manage processes, which as you say, was the key strength of V2. However, to understand the strength of capability, the IT professional needs to understand the philosophy of lifecycle.Without wishing to invent another pathway thorugh the qualifications route, there may be a need for lifecycle overview which can then proactively support capability. APM Group will tell us that this exists within the scheme. Of course it does to some extent, but for those already qualified in V2, especially those who qualified at intermediary level will need to put V3 in context to sell the benefits of lifecycle without it becoming too overburdensome for them.There is no easy answer to this one, because those involved in process management/development in their job roles will clearly see benefit of a V2 approach.I feel that long term we need to be much more inclusive with the material and embed it into undergraduate and postgraduate courses within universities. This must be working alongside training providers who will then be able to add substance to the next generation of delivery. We may see the logical development of skills-type training coming off as an end result. The skills and competencies may well be those around organisational change, risk management, leadership, socio-technical issues etc, which are, if you think about it, are akin to material in MBA-type/Business Management programmes.At the very least it would interesting to have qualitiative data on the numbers of candidates in the UK who qualified at V2 level and what stage they got to. It would also be interesting to see how many have achieved V3 qualifications and those who have taken the V3 Manager's Bridge course and the numbers who successfully passed the exam. This way we can start to build a picture based on SWOT into the perception of the qualifications by the contemporary IT professional. This may ultimately lead us to a universally accepted route from a national perspective at one level with sensible adaptations (skills development) springing off it.
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